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MLM Success | The Single Biggest Key To Breakthrough

There’s no shortage of reps out there seeking the secret to MLM success .  I get it.  I recruited only one new rep in my first 6 months.  Even my MLM Successinternet marketing journey started slow getting only a few leads in my first 4 months.  Most people search the internet endlessly, watch endless training videos, and ask question after question of their upline.  All this is done in efforts to find the secret marketing method, that magic closing script, or some other missing piece to the puzzle.  A.K.A , the answer.  Today I’m here to tell you it’s not that simple.  There are several factors that play a role in your success.  While there’s no magic bullet, I will say this….the single biggest factor in your success will be your commitment to getting you, and your team to live industry events.

Can Live Events Guarantee MLM Success?

In short no, I think it goes without saying there are no guarantees in this business.  However it’s been said best that while not everyone who goes to events will go on to make six figures, everyone who makes six figures goes to live events.  For this reason alone anyone who is serious about success in MLM or any home business model for that matter should understand that events are non negotiable.  When you watch today’s video I share 3 reasons why live events tend to be so impactful.

An important thing for you to understand is there are a couple different kinds of events.  There are generic events geared towards anyone in any company.  Then there are events that are specific to a certain company.  If you’re in an MLM you’ve surely been encouraged to attend your company’s local or national event.  Both generic an company events can be MLM specific or geared towards internet marketers.  In other words, no matter how you build your business, there’s an event out there for you and your team.

One is not better than the other it just depends on your focus.  Personally after going to my first generic internet marketing event, MLSP’s Live The Dream 3.  I made it on stage at Live The Dream 4, and was a featured speaker at Live The Dream 5 (pictured above).  After attending my first MLM company event I went on to hit the leaderboards in that company over the next 3 months.  Attending events led to major breakthrough, and can do the same for you and your team.  When you watch the video below, I share the 3 reasons that live events can be the single most important factor in your MLM success.

Video:  MLM Success |  The Biggest Key To Breaking Through

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