Self Motivation Secrets | How To Get Motivated

Self Motivation Secrets | How To Get Motivated & Conquer Procrastination

Have you ever wondered how to get motivated?  The story usually starts something like this…there’s something you you’ve Self Motivation Secrets | How To Get Motivatedsaid you want to accomplish, but for some reason you can’t seem to bring yourself into action.  Maybe you start then stop again, and before you know it life has gotten in the way yet again.  If you’ve ever had this happen, then I encourage you to watch today’s video.

See, there were time I through there was something wrong with me, and I watch students now have the same struggle.  Some I’ve watched for years, never get the drive and motivation together to do what they have to do to push their project or business to the next level.  I think we can all relate to some extent right?.

Lies At The Root Of Procrastination That Are Stifling Your Motivation

One of the most important things you can do if you want to conquer procrastination, gain motivation, and achieve more is to be honest with yourself.  Your mind is constantly creating lies, often to help ease the pain of giving into fear and resistance.

There’s not enough time….

You’re not ready and need to know more before you start….

Now’s not the right time….

It’s too confusing or overwhelming….

And so many more reasons not to start that are rarely if ever the truth.

But even when people recognize these sneaky little lies the mind makes up, often they still can’t bring themselves into massive, consistent action.  While there’s no one size fits all answer for how to get motivated.  I’m going to share something that I think will be wildly helpful.

Why You May Not Know What Truly Motivates You

We’ve all hear that you have to have a “Why”.  Some people speak about having something even bigger….a “Vision”, but what if you didn’t really know what motivated you.

What if what you thought motivated you was really a product of conditioning and nothing more than a pot luck of other people’s wants, desires, and beliefs that have been pushed on you since your childhood.

What is you had desires you didn’t even know about or admit to yourself, let alone other people.  What if to have motivation and to find your fuel was to explore and better understand what those true desires are.

Well that’s what today’s video is about, and if you want to tackle procrastination, and keep the fire burning longer, then you may want to watch it.  Not only will it help you figure out how to get motivated, but it may help you release some guilt associated with the things you really want.

VIDEO: Self Motivation Secrets | How To Get Motivated & Conquer Procrastination

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  1. Priscilla
    Priscilla says:

    Great video on Motivation and overcoming procrastination. Very helpful. What makes the difference is .. Going for what you truly want and desire.. rather than what others suggest or think is a better fit for you. Thanks.


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