Personally Work Directly With Justice Eagan

First and foremost I want to tell you how cool it is that you’re looking to become or have already Justice Eaganchosen to become and entrepreneur.  Even more important I’m super grateful you’ve decided to land on this page and consider working more closely with me in my Network Marketing Company.  I don’t take that lightly.

If however you’ve landed here because you want me to speak, train or personally coach you when it comes to marketing your current business then the best move is to shoot me an email at

After having spent 4 years in the industry, and having the good fortune of speaking at major events and coaching 100’s of home business entrepreneurs.  I’ve seen a great deal in terms of opportunities.  Every product, comp plan, system, you name it, has come across my desk.

To be quite honest…while I love the Network Marketing Industry, it’s not perfect.  There were a variety of things that were extremely important to me when choosing where to plant my flag.  (And yes, unlike many, my flag is planted.  This is not a short term play for me).

Here Are Some Reasons Why I Chose My Company...

  • Great company leadership, and just as importantly I’ve aligned myself with great team leadership that builds with a combination of Online & Offline Strategies and provides exclusive training in both categories that’s second to none.
  • A Product That Can Easily Be Promoted Online (Lotions, potions, supplements, and any other try before you buy products just can’t provide this)
  • A Duplicatable System in place that I could Immediately plug my teammates into.
  • Stability! Very few realize how fragile most companies are, and how few start ups ever actually make it despite the excitement and hype associated with the launch of the next big thing.  I want a real, stable, long term residual and there are only a handful of companies that can provide it.
  • A product that I would 100% buy and use even if there was no comp plan attached to it, and that everyday people can be exited to share without feeling salesy
  • Something that has mass market appeal and doesn’t involve me changing people’s buying habits or selling them on why they need it.  They already want it!
  • Something with ZERO legitimate competition in the direct sales space. (Combine our top 5 competitors and they don’t even do half the business we do)
  • Global Company infrastructure and training that would allow me to build beyond my local environment
  • A product that automatically enhances my personal brand and my lifestyle, and does the same for my teammates regardless of how much they choose to produce.

Now I have no clue whether these things are as important to you as they are to me, but either way Sunil pic resizeit’s important that you know what you’re looking for so you can choose a company that’s a fit for you.

See I got started like so many others.  I was introduced to network marketing when I was a broke waiter and saw it as a vehicle to a better life, but didn’t know much about the industry and what else was out there.  I certainly didn’t know what to look for in a company.

One of my good friends often says that getting started in Network Marketing is like dating in high school.  Sure some people marry their high school sweet heart, but most people date other people before they find the one.

Here’s the deal.  My first company was great, but it wasn’t the one.  Even worse…it was relatively new, and like many new exciting companies, it didn’t last.

Me Stage For WvIf you aren’t incredibly passionate about your product and company then life building a business will be life spent swimming up stream. Trying to convince yourself that there’s value in what you’re selling or that you’re sharing a gift when you show someone the opportunity is a losing proposition.  You know it when you have it, and that passion is at the core of success in this business.

I’m happy to say…that I have it!  How do things change when you find the company that light’s you up?

  • You stop wasting time thinking the grass is greener on the other side
  • You share it comfortably without fear or embarrassment
  • Passion and energy make exposures easier and reduce objections
  • Bringing on new customers and teammates doesn’t feel like “selling”
  • You know each day that you’re efforts are positively changing peoples lives!

Whether the company I’m with is a fit for you or not is for you to decide, but whatever you choose I encourage you to choose something that you’re passionate about and believe in 100%.  It makes all the difference.

Now, as much as I love bringing on new teammates I don’t work with anyone and everyone.  The truth is there are lots of people who are chasing empty “get rich quick” promises or searching for easy button solutions.  I can’t provide that for you.  Likewise my time is valuable and I want to invest it in the right people.  I respect my time and yours…so let’s not waste it.

Here Are A Few Things I Look For When Considering Working With Someone...

  • Someone who is coachable and wants to be told what they need to hear vs. just what they want to hear.
  • Someone with ambition, goals, and dreams
  • Someone hungry, with a burning desire for success
  • Someone dependable and self motivated
  • Someone who cares more about achieving their dreams than they do about what others think
  • Someone who has a “No Excuses” mindset

If this sounds like you than I’d be really excited to connect with, meet you, and possibly work with you.

Our team has private resources and “exclusive training” reserved for serious, coachable, business builders who are ready to crush it!  These resources provide serious leverage as it creates a plug and play training environment for all new members (including yours).  The training is provided by some of the biggest names in our industry and will benefit anyone who is excited to do the work to change their lives and the lives of others.

Like I said.  I’m here for a reason, and rocking my business.  I have a passion for personal growth, freedom, and achieving my goals and dreams.  Plus it lights me up to make a positive difference in other peoples’ lives.  Especially those who have dreams of their own.

If you’re ready to run with me, and can appreciate being part of a serious team or professionals who can help guide you in building a successful long term business and creating the time freedom and lifestyle you deserve!  Then I’m looking for you!

Bottom Line:  I’m looking to work with people who are motivated, and ready to crush it in their OWN Home Business So They Can Live The Life They Were Meant To Live.

Oh...and get ready to have some fun.  This isn't about selling lotions and potions its about experiencing more in life.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and that's out teams #1 priority!