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Why Your Ads On Facebook Don’t Work

Maybe you’ve run ads on Facebook and they just haven’t produced the results you wanted.  Maybe you’re thinking about running Ads On FacebookFacebook ads and want to put your best foot forward.  Either way, today’s post and video can help. 

Before we dive into the content, theres something you’ve got to understand.  Not all leads, traffic, customers etc. are created equal.  There are countless variables that make each person’s business different, and those variables must be taken into account when determining if your ad campaigns can be deemed successful.

Facebook advertising is set up beautifully in that every campaign starts with the objective in mind, but very few business owners have a clear understanding of what they’re trying to achieve, and furthermore don’t understand what reaching a specific objective’s value is for their particular business.

3 Reasons Your Ads on Facebook Don’t Produce Sales

Most new marketers evaluate everything based on immediate pay off.  Not all Facebook ads produce sales immediately and here are a few reasons why.

1).  People Don’t Come To Facebook To Buy – This is a big one and something more people must understand.  The beauty of Facebook marketing is that Zuckerberg and the gang know everything about you.  Which means you can put the perfect message in front of the perfect audience.  That said, that audience isn’t in the perfect state to make a purchase.  If you’re going to run Facebook ads, you’ve got to be OK with this.

2).  Advertising Takes Testing – Sure you can find screenshots of leads for pennies, 100’s or 1000 % ROI on ads, and all kinds of other incredible results, but there’s a missing backstory.  That backstory, includes failed ads, testing, tweaking analyzing etc..  Your job when advertising is to take feedback from your ads and adjust your approach to create a better response.  Most home business owners throw in the towel way to soon.

3).  Poor Follow Up – This will become really clear when you watch the video below, but we want to turn a cold market warm, and building trust online takes time.  Many times Ads on Facebook get a slightly warm person in front of a marketing message, but that business doesn’t do enough to completely warm that person up.  If you’re like me…an online network marketer, then your follow up on a new lead will likely consist of an email sequence at the least.   Where most go wrong is that they’re not doing the other things like content creation, webinars etc. to turn their now warm audience into red hot buyers.

The Facebook Ads Smack Down!

Of late many people’s ads on Facebook have caused them to get their ads account disabled.  This is part of a serious effort by Facebook to clean things up and protect their user experience.  The biggest problem is really simple. 

Many marketers are failing to meet Facebook’s advertising guidelines with their ads, and Facebook is simply being stricter.  There are others however, that are running the wrong types of ads to the wrong types of people.  If you’d like to know if you’re running the right ads to the right people then watch the video below because I cover this in great detail.

Facebook advertising is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there, but the internet changes, and we as marketers must change and improve with it.  Todays video will help you to that so you can be more successful, and get a better ROI with your ads on Facebook.

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