The “Why” Behind My Journey

Today is the start of a considerable journey.  You see, I recently began working with the network marketing company Numis Network.  This post marks the beginning of my new and exciting internet existence.  What better way to declare my presence amongst the blogging community than to declare “The Why” behind my choice to be here.

For the last couple of months I have been enthusiastically studying the habits of those who have found success in the greatly misunderstood world of Network Marketing.  While duplicating the habits of successful people can surely create a path to success, it is “The Why” behind the effort that is necessary for arrival.  A strong “Why” is not as easy to discover as you may think, and a weak “Why” will quickly land this journey under a pile of failed diets, books I never finished, and old New Years’ resolutions.

            Initially it seemed quite simple.  When someone asked me why I was doing this, I would reel off a slew of standard replies

  • The product is gold and silver
  • The company has strong leadership and is debt free
  • The timing couldn’t be better
  • Blah…Blah…Blah

Don’t misunderstand me.  These things are all true, as well as important.  They are what make Numis Network a great company. Hence, they are “The Why” behind choosing Numis not “The Why” behind choosing this journey.  Ok lets’ try this again.  “Out of curiosity Justice, why are you doing this?”…..”Well, money of course.”  “Yeah, that’s it…I want to make more money.”  Money is nice, and necessary.  But it is not a solid “Why.” Money is an everyday “Why” and everyday “Whys” produce everyday results.  A solid “Why” comes from deep inside.  

Ok, one more time.  “Justice,…why are you doing this?”  “Well, the answer is quite simple and quite powerful once you discover it.”  “I’m doing this for us.”  “Yes, that’s right you and me…”  You see…

  • A lot of us have lost touch
  • Some of us are family
  • A few of us have just met
  • While some of us have yet to meet

There never seems to be enough time for any of us to maintain our relationships.  It seems we just keep trading more of our time, for equal or less dollars.  Meanwhile, the necessities in life continue getting more expensive.  Undoubtedly we are left with less money and even less time.  It’s not a good time for us.  Sadly, soon we won’t have much left to give, but our health and our sanity.  And so my journey begins.

            I venture into new territory, prepared to face it all.  At times I will be met with ridicule and rejection.  I will face stubbornness and be up against years of both social and corporate conditioning.  Worst of all, I will come face to face with Conventional Wisdom.  You all know Conventional Wisdom, he’s the one that got us here but refuses to take responsibility.  Why so many people remain friends with Conventional Wisdom, I’m not quite sure.  All this I will do in the name of us.  Whatever I learn is ours to use.  Whatever skills I gain are ours to prosper from.  I will lead us relentlessly.  Some people will come with us, and some will stay behind, but as our following increases our “Why” will become even stronger.  This is the first of what will be many posts on  The content of this blog is for all of us and will be widespread.  Articles will be philosophical, technical, educational and inspirational.  Each word will be conceived with the best interest of us in mindSo whether you join me on this journey or just check in from time to time I look forward to developing our relationship.  If you like this post please share it on Facebook and Retweet it!

To Our Success,

Justice Eagan


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