Amway Scam? The Truth Finally Revealed!

Is there an Amway scam going on? If you have found this post it’s likely that someone you know introduced you to Amway’s products or Amway scambusiness opportunity. In turn you would like to know if all the Amway scam rumors are true or not. It is also a possibility that you are an Amway rep that is new or struggling and you’d like to know what people are saying about the company. I’d like to be clear about one thing. I am not associated with Amway in any way. I am however a professional internet and network marketer who understands how loosely the term “scam” can be thrown around. In my opinion there is no Amway scam going on, but there are some thing you should know that will be critical to success with Amway.

Amway scam? Let’s Review Their History

Amway was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos. What started with one cleaning product has become one of the largest private companies in the U.S.. With an ever expanding product line that covers just about every household product Amway operates in more than 80 countries and tops 10 billion dollars in annual sales. Amway has millions of independent distributors promoting their product around the world, and they show no sign of slowing down. That said, there have been a fair share of unhappy customers and Amway scam claims throughout the years. Complaints are expected with a company of Amway’s magnitude. Amway scam claims have forced them to reevaluate and adjust their business practices over the years, but they are as strong a company today as any other time in their history.

So Where Do The Amway Scam Claims Come From?

If you are thinking about starting an Amway business the first thing you need to understand is that RESULTS WILL VARY. Bottom line is network marketing in general is instant business ownership for non-business owners. Hence, many aren’t cut out for it right away. Many of these people aren’t ready and willing to develop the skills necessary to succeed over time. In turn many failed reps make Amway scam claims. In my opinion, everyone deserves the opportunity, but must also take responsibility for the outcome. Though I don’t believe in the Amway scam claims, I will say this in the defense of the claims, and in the defense of Amway….in any situation where Independent reps are involved, it is difficult (nearly impossible) to monitor their behavior, so do your research, understand the work involved, and make sure you are teaming up with good honest leaders. I actually know some leaders who have been very successful with Amway over the years. I look at Amway scam claims as an insult to their hard work and dedication. They started in the same place as the failed rep. They just worked hard enough to succeed. Just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean Amway is a scam.

Secrets To Amway Success Revealed

Amway scam review

Forget About Any Amway Scam….How Do I Get Results?

Just because you are with me on the whole Amway scam thing, doesn’t mean the money is going to start pouring in. The truth is there is a great deal of skills involved with being a successful network marketer. The number one skill being the ability to market your business. I truly feel that if failed reps who make Amway scam claims had this skill, their position on Amway, and in life, would be entirely different. The fact is, unless you have massive influence over a very large audience, you are going to need to generate leads for your business. Fortunately today we can leverage the power of the internet to connect with new prospects every single day. So if you are serious about success with Amway, forget about an Amway scam and start learning how to market your business.

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