The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Prospecting

Have you been prospecting on Facebook for your network marketing business? Are you helping or hurting your cause? Yesterday morning I Facebook Prospectinggot a message on Facebook that is all too familiar, and today I felt compelled to write about it. Those that know me, know I am not a huge Facebook guy. When it comes to building my network marketing business SEO is my thing. That said, yesterday’s experience reminded me of how many people are botching Facebook prospecting, and completely contaminating what could have been the most fertile prospecting soil they had. I write today to help! Either to help you start Facebook prospecting effectively, or at the very least save you from yourself.

So What Was The Facebook Prospecting Attempt That Prompted This Article?

It was a beautiful morning at my house, the sun was out, I was about to make breakfast for my girlfriend, and all of a sudden my IPhone started going crazy. Notification after notification…..I had been included in a group message promoting some link….total spam. Not being able to figure out how to leave the message (I don’t get technology….proof anyone can internet market 🙂 ) I asked to be removed. This prompted Facebook prospecting Faux Pas number two. I got a message from a non-Facebook friend but someone who had also been spammed reading:

Facebook prospecting tips

These kinds of Facebook prospecting messages get sent out every second of every day, and I assure you the results are staggeringly low. To really understand effective Facebook prospecting, put yourself in the prospect’s shoes for a minute. Take the above message for instance. Does total stranger care about me? Does he want to help me get healthy, get wealthy, get in my life what I have been desperately missing. Of course not, all he cares about is making a sale. How do I know? Because he never asked me what I wanted, needed, desired in my life. Heck, he doesn’t even know me. If you take anything away from this post, please let it be this. Until you are truly out to help others….until your product and opportunity become just a platform for you to help your prospect, you will not break through. Think deeply about this, and apply it to your Facebook prospecting efforts

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Prospecting


When Prospecting on Facebook Do

  • Treat connecting with strangers, like you are making a new friend not getting a new prospect. Believe me, they will know the difference. Ask questions, get to know them, and be genuine.
  • Always determine if a prospect is open to looking at your opportunity before you send them the information
  • Make sure that 90% of your Facebook posts are valuable, fun, uplifting content that engages people and that no more than 10% of your posts are sales related.
  • Send strangers a message before you send them a friend request. Cite the connection you saw that prompted you reaching out. Example: Hey Joe, I saw we had a couple of mutual friends and notice you are a giants fan. I’m a former season ticket holder and thought I’d reach out. Did you go to any games last season?
  • Whenever possible end private messages with a question, so that you can engage your prospect, continue the conversation, and find out more about them.


When Prospecting On Facebook Don’t

  • Send group messages promoting your product or opportunity. Flat out…..this is spam. Enough said.
  • Friend request everyone and anyone. Simply friend requesting multiple strangers without reaching out first will no doubt get your Facebook privileges suspended
  • Send an unsolicited link. If you haven’t determined if someone is open to receiving the information you shouldn’t send it. This can be approached subtley. One Example: Hey Joe, I’ve know you a long time and have always respected your opinion. I just started a new side project that I’m really excited about and I’d like your opinion on it. If I send you some info, could you review it and give me your feedback?
  • Post or tag other people’s Facebook walls with info about your opportunity. Not only is this rude and ineffective, but you run the risk of putting you Facebook privileges in jeopardy if you receive complaints.
  • Continually Spam your own wall about your product or opportunity. When it comes to some of the best Facebook prospectors I know, you would be hard pressed to identify their company without doing some digging.


Get On The Right Track With your Facebook Prospecting

Regardless of whether or not you have made some Facebook prospecting mistakes, it is never too late to change. The sooner you begin following best practices, the less long term damage you will do to the receptiveness of your Facebook audience. If you really want results from Facebook try to connect with 5-10 new people everyday…..the right way. Post content that engages people. Ask questions. Encourage people to like and share if they agree. This will allow you to open more conversations and connect with more people. As always, be patient. The efforts you make to successfully grow your audience through effective Facebook prospecting will take time and consistency. Good Luck!!!

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