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3 Keys To Successful Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation in theory is easy.  That said most aspiring marketers and home business owners will never online lead generationgenerate a lead.  At least in the most literal sense of the word which is someone subscribing to their email list.  Why is that?  Well, many of them won’t even do the work necessary to get the basics set up and drive a bit of traffic.  Not quite sure those people can be helped.  At least not until they get it in gear.  For many though generating leads online is not a matter of work its a matter of a few tweaks that make all the difference.

This past weekend my good buddy Adam Chandler and I held a Luxury Mastermind in Breckenridge Colorado.  The goal…help everyone improve their online marketing making lead generation easy, and ultimately lead them to more sales.  In the process there were 3 areas where all the mastermind students were missing the mark.

Let’s Break Down Online Lead Generation

Step 1: Successfully generating leads starts with a target audience.  This is your ideal customer, client or teammate.  The person in the marketplace you are truly trying to serve.

Step 2: Once you know who they are, you’ve got to develop a lead magnet that solves their problem.  This is a giveaway that is valuable enough in their eyes that they’d be willing to exchange their email address (bare minimum) for access.  This is done through a lead capture page.

Step 3: Lastly you need to drive traffic.  That’s getting your target audience to visit your lead capture website.

Sounds simple right?  Well today’s 3 keys to online lead generation are the areas where a seemingly simple process breaks down for most marketers.  Identify the area in which you can improve them, and you can start increasing your results immediately.

3 Keys To Generating More Online Leads

I’ll go into more detail in today’s video, but there are 3 areas that majority of marketers miss the mark when it comes to lead generation.  Even if you’re just a bit off it can make a world of difference.

#1: Dialing In On Your Target Audience:  Just about everyone is too broad here.  Most marketers seem to have a fear of missing or losing people that they CAN help.  You must know exactly who you’re speaking to, and be able to “walk around in their head” so to speak.

#2: Identify Their Pain: Again an area where most marketers are just too general.  What are the pains that your audiences’ problem is causing them, or has the potential to cause them.  In copywriting there’s a term called the “hidden benefit.” The benefit is what your product, service, or opportunity does.  The hidden benefit is what it does, does.  For instance, if a business opportunity allows a baby boomer more time and financial freedom then the hidden benefit may be visiting their grandchildren.

#3: Speak Their Language: It’s really common to pick up on the language of your industry.  Your message starts to reflect the jargon that the entire marketplace is filled with.  When you can express a solution to the actual pain that your target market is facing in the language that truly means something to them.  Then you have a home run, and will skyrocket your online lead generation.

This past weekend we dialed in an offer for a brand new marketer, and she was able to generate 27 leads in her first 3 days.  With a good marketing plan these numbers will only increase.  While these 3 keys are at the core of such a successful campaign.  There’s only so much detail that can be covered in a blog post.

This Monday night I’m going to do a live case study breaking down every last detail of here campaign so that you can apply these lead generation principles in your business and get fast results.  You can register here.  In the mean time check out today’s video and get some more tips on how you can increase your online lead generation.

VIDEO: How To Increase Your Online Lead Generation

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