How to Choose The Right MLM Company

Have You Been Exposed To The Right MLM Company?

Often times people are expose to MLM by family or friends and may find later that they like the model, but feel they joined the wrong MLM company.  If you have already pulled the trigger that’s OK, because at the end of the day, your MLM success is going to depend on you, not the MLM company.  An understanding of how to choose the right MLM company will help you with your prospecting, retention, and duplication.  The best way to explain how to choose the right MLM company is to take a minute and discuss the reasons why so many people choose the wrong MLM company.

If You Wants to Choose the right MLM company, resist acting on emotion.  Here are 5 things that trigger an emotional decision and keep people from choosing the right MLM company.

5 Things That Keep People From Choosing The Right MLM Company

Ground floor opportunity

Often people believe that to choose the right MLM company, they must choose a ground floor opportunity.  WhileChoose the right MLM company getting with the right company early can be a positive thing.  This is often a risk reward proposition that produces a lot of losers. Many companies don’t last and long term stability is a shot in the dark with an unproven company.  People will use the allure of a ground floor opportunity as a means to get you to choose their MLM company.  That said, if this is why you are choosing the company it probably isn’t the right one.  

Promise of spillover

Spillover is another term tossed around by reps to get people to join their MLM company.  Now spillver can be a great thing, but at the end of the day you need to do the work and build your business.  If you want to choose the right MLM company for you, keep in mind that no one is going to build your business for you. 

Cheap-Free with easy money

If you think you are choosing the right MLM company because it is somewhere between cheap and free, and there are promises of easy money….then stop right here.  No matter what MLM company you choose, building a business is hard work.  Cheap and easy opportunities attract those seeking cheap and easy.  

Celebrity endorsement

If want to choose the right MLM company, do not choose it because of celebrity endorsements.  That does not mean you have to avoid MLM companies with such endorsements.  It simply means that it is not the right reason to choose an MLM company.  After all, the celebrity won’t be  building your business.  You will.

As a favor

This is probably the number one reason people choose an MLM company.  They are doing a favor for a friend or family.  If you want to choose the right MLM company, choose one that you believe in and want to build. 

Now that you have avoided the emotional pitfalls that will keep you from choosing the right MLM company, here are the 3 things you should really consider.

3 Ways to Choose The Right MLM Company

  1. The right MLM company’s products, comp plan and leadership will really resonate with you.  So much so, that you seriously desire to build a business and help people do the same.
  2. You believe the company product brings provides incredible value independent of the business opportunity.  If you choose the right MLM company, you will feel comfortable and confident promoting their product to those that aren’t looking for an opportunity.  An MLM company’s product value, independent of its opportunity, is a true test of that company.  This is often the indicator of an MLM company’s long term success.
  3. It’s often not enough to choose the right MLM company, you should also choose the right leader to work with.  Now, it is you and you alone that will build a successful MLM business.  That said, it is best if your sponsor is a leader who will provide experience and guidance to help you build your business.

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2 replies
  1. J. Lang
    J. Lang says:

    Very well written, and I would have to agree with all of your points. I think there is something to be said about getting in on a “ground floor” opportunity. It can be good if the corporate leadership is stable, but the bottom line is, no matter where you are in the hierarchy of the business, you still have to put in the work to build it. It doesn’t really matter if you are at the very top, you still have to do the work. And getting in with a company that has been around for many years, may be valuable for it’s stability, but it can also be detrimental if everyone has already heard about the company, and heard about it to the point that they have been harassed and don’t want to hear about it any more. That being said, most professional MLM’ers can get in with a well established company, and still build a huge downline because that’s what they do. I don’t think it’s as easy for the beginning networker though.

    I strongly agree with all there of your “right reasons” to get involved with a MLM company. It really does need to be the “right fit” for your personality and your beliefs. I have been involved with three different companies, and the third one really was the perfect fit for me. It has made all the difference in my confidence and passion for sharing it with others, which in turn has made it more of a successful endeavor for me.

    I think the true test of a successful MLM company is if you would still continue to use the products, even if there was no business opportunity involved. If you are purchasing the products only because you have to meet your minimum auto ship to qualify for your checks, you won’t be passionate enough to convince others about how great the product is. I don’t care how great of a business opportunity it is, if the product doesn’t sell itself, it doesn’t matter. When choosing an MLM company, find out what the retention rate is. There may be thousands of new people signing up each month, but if there are just as many dropping out each month, it may not be such a good choice.

    OK, just my two cents worth. Again, great information for anyone looking to get into Network Marketing.

    And lastly, AMEN to having the right leader! it truly makes such a difference. Sometimes people get in to MLM’s because of family members, which can be OK if they have a good upline leader, one who really cares about helping them grow their business. I have had both. The ones who ooze MLM retoric and schmooze you are not the ones you want. They are usually all talk and rarely ever actually help you build by putting someone in your downline. I think that’s why it’s also important to find a company with a comp plan where your upline truly benefits by helping you be the most successful you can be.

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Glad to hear you have found the right company, so many people do not. That’s why I wrote this post. I agree with you on the positives of getting involved with a ground floor opportunity. I just want to encourage people not to let that be their deciding factor. In addition, someone is choosing a brand new company will need to do twice the DD and really cut through the hype.


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