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What You Must Know About Online MLM Marketing

Online MLM Marketing is alway a highly debatable topic.  Most MLM companies teach little if any online marketing to their reps.  Simple social media strategies are usually the extent of what’s provided to those looking to extend their prospect base.  Sadly, sometimes even these strategies online mlm marketingaren’t taught, or are taught poorly.

Some marketers will strategically target your pain by allowing you to chalk up your struggles to “old school tactics” that don’t work, or by implying that your struggles are a product of you being “left in the dark” because leaders are “hiding” something from you.  Clever marketing yes….but common sense tells us that companies don’t survive by doing things that don’t work.

That said it’s undeniable that the reach of the internet provides incredible opportunity.  Opportunity that will naturally be sought out by almost every new MLM rep as they aspire to succeed in their new venture.  Today’s audio shares exactly what you must know about online MLM marketing, and discusses where so many marketers go terribly wrong.

Why Don’t Companies Teach Online MLM Marketing?

It’s simple really….it’s too complicated.  The goal of any company is to build momentum.  To do so they need a lot of people to do a little, leaders to do a lot, and everyone to do whatever they’re going to do….fast.  A new rep who may, out of pure excitement, go sponsor 4 people in their first week is much less likely to get those same results from behind their computer up against the technical learning curve of online marketing.  Now imagine stifling those early results across an entire distributor base.

But Justice You Teach Online MLM Marketing

I do, and I share this information to set clear expectations with my current and future audience.  At the end of the day almost everyone will have to expand their warm market if they plan on building a large organization.  To argue that the internet isn’t a great way to do that is just silly.  What’s important to understand is that hypey online messages about  building a traditional MLM downline on automation have muddied the online MLM waters.

The internet is a tool to reach more people, to build a bigger audience and to turn the right members of that audience into loyal customers and teammates.  Can it be done?  Absolutely!  I also believe that when you build that audience around a personal brand you’re left with the most valuable asset you can possibly have in the often shaky world of MLM.  Keep in mind that I’ve learned to view and treat that audience like a personal network and that’s a distinction that must be made.

Where People Go Wrong In Online MLM Marketing?

Where too many marketers go wrong is buying into the idea that a system, or copy and paste marketing will not only build them a loyal audience, but will turn that audience into a wildly duplicating team all pushing the internet easy button in route to MLM riches.  Marketers online must overcome the same fears as those offline and that is to put yourself out there, to grow into a person that people want to buy from or join, and to market YOU.

Whether online or off the development of skills is more than necessary.  At the end of the day those who are going to enjoy lasting success grow into leaders, and there is no marketing strategy that can bypass that fact. Today’s audio can help you incorporate the leader in you, into your marketing.  Give it a listen and if it helps you feel free to leave a comment below.  If you are currently leveraging the internet for your business I hope the audio helps you make some positive adjustments in your online MLM marketing.

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