3 Steps to Better Leadership

Unfortunately, many people believe they are not in a position to be true leaders.  Even worse many are in leadership positions with titles and responsibilities, but don’t lead worth a damn.  I haven’t quite decided which is more tragic.  I will say this; the beauty of the network marketing industry is that those who don’t lead, don’t succeed.  This does not always hold true in the traditional work environment, but is still a good rule of thumb.  So the real question is, how does one become a better leader?

                I’ve heard people referred to as born leaders.  He or she is said to have been meant for success.  I believe however one must learn how to be a leader, and that takes time.  During my professional experience in management I have had my fair share of success complimented by a healthy dose of failure.  In efforts not to bore you with a detailed account of my professional past, I will simply state that all of my success and all of my failure can in some way be linked to the level of leadership I exhibited.  Sure there are strong leaders who fail and weak leaders who succeed, but they are without a doubt the exception rather than the rule.  Most that fail, do so because they spend to much time trying to improve other people, and not enough time improving themselves. You see, so often organizational success rides on building a team… building belief.  When the responsibility falls on you to spearhead the building, rest assured that you can’t create something better than what you are.

                The question still remains how does one become a leader?  Too often I hear people say they need a title in order for people to follow their lead.  I beg to differ.  Actually, quite the contrary, I believe a title can often hinder the development of someone’s leadership skills.  If you are reading this and you currently have a title, I want you to ask yourself a question.  If you didn’t have your title, and was stripped of the ability to reward or penalize people, would they still follow you?  If the answer is no, or you are a person without a title who would like to develop your leadership qualities here are three things to consider.

  1. If you aspire to lead you must focus on self improvement.  You must first take greater control of your own life and then make a conscious effort to contribute to the improvement of others lives.  Keep in mind, behavior that is directed towards the betterment of other peoples’ situations must be executed because of the inherent good that exists in the behavior, not because you seek credit or recognition. 
  2. When you start doing good by others you will begin to recognize how much you can positively affect the lives of others.  Use the relationships you build to influence people to be better.  This is especially important if you have a title.  People would rather follow you out of trust than out of fear.
  3. Lastly remember that real leaders listen.  People, especially those with titles often spend time carefully formulating their response rather than actually listening to the person talking.  This behavior places more emphasis on justifying his/her position or persuading the speaker, than actually listening and working together to develop a solution.  I once heard a very wise man say “God gave man two ears, two eyes, and one mouth.  That equals four inputs to one output.  I think he was trying to tell you something.”

To Our Success,

Justice Eagan

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