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We all want home business success right? If you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

It’s safe to say that the road to success is never an easy one, yet probably not as hard as we make it out to be. I’ve had my fair share of home business success. In March of this year I fired my boss and set off to live life on my own terms. I was recently asked to speak from stage at a My Lead System Pro’s Live The Dream 4, and this Thursday I head to Cabo San Lucas for an all-inclusive vacation that I earned through my home business. It’s safe to say that I don’t really have anything to complain about. In fact, thanks to residual income I have

been in what I’ve been calling “maintenance mode” for the last 2 months. Now is the part where I become totally transparent. It dawned on me recently that I wasn’t in maintenance mode at all…..I was stuck.

Why I Wasn’t Pursuing The Next Level Of Home Business Success

I’ve made a lot of calls since I’ve been in this industry, and everyone I speak to says they are serious about home business success.

Home Business Success

I ask things like…scale of 1-10 how serious are you and everyone practically screams from the rooftops….10!!! Often times it’s not long before the excuses set in, the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage… you name it. I’ve always prided myself as having a high level of awareness when it comes to excuses, both in myself and in others. So these past couple of months when I was facing really difficult personal challenges, I made a conscious effort not to accept excuses from myself. I thought….that’s how I reached this level of home business success and darn it that’s how I’m going to persevere through these tough times. Yet for some reason I wasn’t mustering up the same level of resolve I’ve spoken and trained so passionately about. Fortunately, through some personal development, some self-reflection, and a couple of coaching calls with my friend and mentor Ray Higdon I realized something. I had lost sight of my vision and even more importantly my goals. Seems like an obvious thing right? The funny thing is that it wasn’t. It happened so quietly that I didn’t even realize it.

What Does Your Path To Home Business Success Look Like?

This is a relatively simple question that most people can’t answer. Most of the time we need to work backwards from our why….what is it we want to accomplish and what does the path to that accomplishment look like. Most people get stuck right here. Believe it or not most people say they want home business success but have no idea what life would look like if they had it. What would they do, who would they help, where would they go? Majority of people have a difficult time seeing past…paying the bills. I was never that way, which is why I’ve been able to achieve great things, but life changes, you get thrown some curve balls, and when this happens you can easily lose sight of what you were intent on accomplishing. Based on my recent experience, and the coaching of people much wiser than me, I’ve got some simple steps that can help you get unstuck and start taking action towards the success you deserve.

4 Steps To Re-Focusing on Home Business Success

1) Consistent Personal Development – If you were feeling sick you wouldn’t eat garbage food. So when you are feeling stuck don’t consume garbage information. Consistent personal development is an absolute must, and by consistent I mean daily.

2) Refine Your Routine – Something that has always helped me is changing some basic habits and creating a strong routine. Getting up a the same time every day without fail, is huge. Working in exercise and eating healthier can make a huge difference. I was a person who’s snooze button had a snooze button, and didn’t take care of myself. My early breakthrough’s cam because I create better life habits which led to better home business habits, so routine is always one of the things I look at if I am feeling stuck.

3) Identify Your Vision – When it comes to home business success this is a big one. We can easily get bogged down in life’s minutia. Daily tasks can seem daunting, and when we are facing struggles in life matters of business can seem of little importance. What is the vision that’s driving you? I realized I needed to revisit this question and I would encourage you to do the same if you are not performing up to your expectations. What is that huge why that us bigger than money and material things. If this is clear it can carry you through the tough times.

4) Set Clear Goals – Goals both short term and long term are your targets. Let’s face it. Home business success or success in general is a never ending journey, a moving target so to speak. But those goals are your non-moving targets, your checkpoints. As human beings if we don’t know what we are striving for, anything will really do so goals are necessary and must be revisited if you are felling stuck.

Staying Motivated and Achieving Home Business Success

I hope you enjoyed the video, if what I shared resonated with you and you found it helpful make sure to share this post and comment below. Good luck in your journey to home business success.

To Your Success,

home business success

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