5 Reasons Article Marketing is a Top Online Strategy for Network Marketers

Are You Considering Article Marketing?

If you are looking to implement internet marketing strategies to build your network marketing business, there is no doubt you have plenty of options.  If you are new to internet marketing you will want to focus on 1-2 of these marketing strategies and master them.  Article marketing is hands down one of the best strategies out there, especially if you are just getting started.   

Let’s face it.  Internet marketing does cost money, but if you want to get the best bang for your buck it is going to come through organic search engine rankings.  A ranking on the front page of Google is the gift that keArticle Marketing Strategieseps on giving.  This is why article marketing is so powerful, and continues to be the cornerstone of so many top internet marketers’ business building strategies.

When network marketers are getting started….the biggest hurdle is taking massive action and getting the ball rolling.  Too often, the new network marketer or internet marketer wants to understand every strategy before they get out there and start generating traffic and leads.   If you are thinking about implementing an article marketing strategy to build your network marketing business, don’t think just do.  Here are 5 reasons you should start building your network marketing business with article marketing today.

5 Reasons for Article Marketing


Article Marketing is Generally Inexpensive

Writing the articles doesn’t cost anything.  In addition there are a great deal of authority sites like Ezinearticles, Squidoo , and Hubpages that allow you to post your articles for free and link them back to your website. 

You Will Improve Thanks to Article Marketing

Quality Content creation takes knowledge.  If you want to successfully put value into the market place through article marketing, you will be forced to learn and become better. 

When Article Marketing you can always improve your rankings over time

Even if your article doesn’t rank right away, you can always use SEO tools like Article Marketing Robot or Tribe Pro to boost their rankings down the road.  Most importantly, follow the SEO BASICS listed in one of my previous articles, so that your article is SEO friendly from the start.

You are at less risk of wasting money with Article Marketing

Imagine starting a pay per click campaign before your landing pages or sales funnels were set up effectively and tested.  People do this all the time, and it can prove very costly.  Likewise those that need everything to be perfect before driving traffic often never get out of the starting gate.  To this day my website still isn’t perfect (it never will be), but that doesn’t stop me from consistently implementing Article Marketing, driving traffic, and generating leads.  Improving my website is an ongoing process, but anyone can begin article marketing without all the bells and whistles in place. 

An Article Marketing Strategy is Duplicable

Duplication is the key to long term network marketing success.  Due to incredibly low cost, and little need for technical expertise an article marketing strategy is one that can be started by anyone immediately and improved over time. 

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