The Truth About Internet Network Marketing

Internet network marketing success is an often misunderstood topic. As more and more people turn to the internet to explore home business a huge grey area begins to form. We have network marketers, we have affiliate marketers, and we have online business opportunities all of which present very similarly online and the marketing messages of each often become intertwined. So what do I mean when I ask if internet network marketinginternet network marketing success can truly be achieved? Well, I am talking about using the internet to grow a traditional network marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Internet Network Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling products or services that someone else has created for a portion of the sale. Often times these are one time commissions, but sometimes can be sales that rebill monthly offering residuals. Affiliate marketing however does not involve team building and does not provide overrides on the sales of team members. Listen….both are great! I am both an affiliate marketer and a network marketer. Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring cash flow into your business, when you target home business owners with your marketing efforts you can later market your network marketing business to that audience. The reason why I make the distinction is because people who are seeking online solutions for their network marketing business confuse the two because of a mixed message that can be found online.

Can Internet Network Marketing Replace The Fundamentals?

You will see a variety of opinions on this across the web. Right here I will only give you mine. NO….internet network marketing cannot replace the fundamentals. Now there are some very unique examples of people building reasonable organizations using only the internet, but they are extremely unique. In my opinion if you want to build a large organization there are a few things that the internet can never replace.

1. The Phone – The notion that people will join your network marketing business without picking up the phone is a dangerous message that has invaded our internet space. I must admit I have had it happen from time to time, but those who join without a phone call have gone on to do little to nothing.
2. Relationships – This is a people business. We must use the internet to reach more of them rather than distance ourselves from them. Simply selling or sponsoring people isn’t the ticket to building a loyal and motivated team.
3. Hard Work – Regardless of what internet network marketing solution is positioned as the magic button hard work cannot be replaced. The reward here is residual income and freedom! To think something that incredible will come easily is a foolish notion.


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My Up Line Says Internet Network Marketing Doesn’t Duplicate

Again….this is an ongoing argument in the industry. The truth is duplication comes from having team members tap into simple systems. Often the activities associated with online network marketing are less than simple, so up lines discourage internet marketing. I believe that the marriage between online marketing and network marketing is still in its infancy and solutions will evolve over time. I also believe that team members are going to get online and search for solutions regardless of what their up line says, so the internet is an undeniable part of the equation. So what’s the answer and what should you do. As someone who sponsors mostly online I can simply tell you what I do, and give you my opinion. The basics are more duplicable than complicated online marketing strategies, but that information is insignificant with people who aren’t doing anything either way. The truth is some people make it happen and some don’t. If someone wants to learn about internet network marketing then why should an up line stand in between them and the ability to reach an unfathomably broader audience? It is our responsibility to set real expectations and stress the fundamentals.

Internet Network Marketing Systems

For those looking to take their business online I highly recommend leveraging an internet network marketing system. My hands down favorite is My Lead System Pro. MLSP is a marketing system, educational community, and affiliate program all rolled into one. By leveraging the system I have been able to create multiple steams of affiliate income while building a personal brand online. The loyal online audience I have generated has led to the growth of my network marketing business. It is truly the best online platform for aspiring internet network marketers.

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P.S. If Your Upline Doesn’t Have a Step by Step Blueprint For Success Then Check This Out (Unless of Course You Already Have Too Many Leads) CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS  



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