6 Tips To Better Lead Your MLM Team

Are You Ready to Lead an MLM Team?

You know I truly believe that there are people out there who fail to sponsor people into their MLM team because they don’t believe they are prepared to lead teammates.  Let’s put an end to that today. Here are 6 tips that can be the basic blueprint to successfully leading your MLM team.

Any New Member of Your MLM Team Should Schedule Their First PBR ImmediatelyLead Your MLM Team

You’ve heard it a thousand times before.  TAKE ACTION!  What better way to take action than to schedule an initial PBR.  Once they set the date your new team member has held themselves immediately accountable.  Regardless of potential attendance this meeting must happen.

Give Your New MLM Team Member Training

If you are with a solid company there is definitely company training.  If you are tapped in with a solid leader than there should be even more training available.  Either way your new MLM team member should tell you when they can complete the training.  Again…let them hold themselves accountable.

Practice the Basics with Your New MLM Team Member

So often the basics are skipped.  Now as you know I am all about building my business on and off line, but the offline basics are a must.  Go over basic scripts, how to handle the most common objections, and make sure they know how to do a three way call.

Stress Personal Development to Your New MLM Team Member

Personal development is an absolute must in MLM.  I start by recommending

Two Audios:

“Making The Shift” by Darren Hardy

“Building Your Network Marketing Business” by Jim Rohn

 One Book:

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

And One Subscription: To Darren Hardy’s Success Magazine (includes monthly audios)

Always be the Most Active

Leading by example is the name of the game.  If you want to lead an MLM team you must maintain your personal growth and activity. 

Do Not Manage Your MLM Team

Management is for employees.  If someone has joined your MLM team it’s to break free….not to find a new boss.  Yes, there will be plenty of people who will not work at their business, but that is their problem not yours.  Become a leader and the future leaders will rise to the top. 

Now You Have the Basics to Lead Your MLM Team

If you think about it….all this is pretty basic.  Basic is what you want because basic lends itself to duplication.  What’s important is that you execute these steps in a consistent and organized fashion.  Lead your new MLM team members the way that you want them to lead theirs.  After all, who do you think they are going to learn from?

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