Body By Vi Scam? – What Nobody Is Telling You!

Body By Vi Scam, True or False?  Settled Once and For All

So you are here to determine if a Body By Vi Scam exists or if Visalus is a legitimate nutritional company that is getting a badbody by vi scam rap.  If you are finding this post it is likely you are new to Visalus, or are doing some research because you are considering their products or business opportunity.  The healthy sceptic in you searches “Body By Vi Scam”  and wants to know what people have to say.  I am not in any way affiliated with Visalus.  I am here today to let you know that there is no Body by Vi scam, where the idea of a Body by Vi Scam comes from, and exactly what nobody is telling you that could keep you from making real money with the company.

Where Does The Idea of A Body By Vi Scam Originate

Many of the claims of a Body By Vi Scam come from people who refuse to accept that network marketing is a legitimate industry.  I did not write this article to change the mind of these people.  The only things I will say to them is if you don’t like the product don’t buy it, if you don’t like the opportunity don’t join it.  The other claims of a Body By Vi Scam come from people who failed with their products opportunity or both.  Watch the video below to understand why these people fail.

Body By Vi Scam Video?  Failures Exposed!  Why Didn’t Anyone Tell You This?

 body by vi scam

So There Is No Body By Vi Scam – But how Can I Make Some Serious Money

Now that we have determined why people fail and where the Body By Vi scam theories come from, lets talk about how to avoid becoming a statistic.  What you need are leads and lots of them.  You need to sponsor reps consistently rather than waiting around hoping for your team to duplicate.  To do this you need a steady flow of leads for your business.  It’s time to start thinking about using the internet for Body By Vi Leads and forget about the Body By Vi scam!

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body by vi scam

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81 replies
  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    PYRAMID! If this is a miracle shake, why can’t you find it at Walmart, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe? They would have bought in on this. If you say to skip the middle man it’s a cop out to lean on the pyramid. It’s a placebo effect. You can replace a meal with a protien shake at your local grocery store 2 month supply 30 bucks. Are you sure you don’t work for Visalus? Pretty emotional for a non bias review.

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Jason, thanks for the comment. While I am passionate in my review, I assure you I have no affliation with Visalus. Though they are not my company, I will concede they are one of the hottest companies out there. I see no piont in taking the time to get into the Pyramid argument. Most don’t really know what a Pyramid scam really is, and on top of that they are illegal. Visalus is not breaking any laws. I would like to state, that I don’t feel the legitimacy of a product hinges on its presence on the shelves of Walmart, GNC, Vitamin shop etc..There are plenty of legitimate products out there that aren’t sold in these places. I can appreciate that a protien shake can be purchased at the grocery store for much less than the Visalus product, but this argument can be made in so many cases, and doesn’t tell the whole story. Wieght Watchers sells meal plans right? The argument could be made that anyone can go to the supermarket shop and cook healthily and get the same thing for less. Does that make Weight watchers a scam? Of course not. Weight watchers offers, convenience, research behind recipes, a detailed program, support etc.. The same can be said for a product like Visalus. People find value in different things which is why brands survive even if a cheaper alternative exists. The mark of quality network marketing product is whether or not people find value in the product independant of the business opportunity. I think it is safe to say Visalus has many happy retail customers.

      ANNA MARIE says:


      • Tammy Fleck
        Tammy Fleck says:

        hurray, nice to see that my instincts were right when i Joined this company it changes your life forever. the only scam is all the thousand of weightloss healthy supplements(?) that do not work. It is not just about weight loss. it is about feeling better and proper nutrition.
        I challenge anyone to try this product for 30 days as recommended and tell me that they do not notice a difference.

          • Jeanette
            Jeanette says:

            Wells said Justice! Anyone who is looking for a “product” to change their life is always going to end up being disappointed. I found this page because a friend of mine just sent me a trail of this product and I wanted to find out all I can about it before I commit. So far, it sounds good.

      • Tom Bone
        Tom Bone says:

        Anna Marie,


    • Dalton
      Dalton says:

      lol well said. All these sales jobs are the same. You pay costs to get going and you can ONLY make good income by bringing in more reps for the company and selling massive numbers.

    • Robert
      Robert says:

      I do not sell Vi, but I AM apart of Network Marketing. You don’t find it at Wal-Mart because they don’t want to sell it at wal mart, and it’s not a placebo, I’m currently in the process of testing it out for my friends for 30 days, and it’s working so far. I haven’t seen any videos calling it a “miracle shake” nor do I believe that, but it has been a great meal replacer (without gassy side effects) because it’s low calorie while providing a large variety of energy supplying and metabolism boosting nutrients. Some people with weight problems need a boost in life, and if an enthusiastic friend selling this stuff helps someone lose weight, why do you have to be soo negative about that? And just because I’m sounding supportive of a product doesn’t make me a secret agent for the company. I was just sick of negative people who can’t hear about a product and decide, “that’s not for me, but good luck to you” but instead, talk horribly about a product they actually have no clue about. If you felt something was a scam, call the better business bureu on them and make them get investigated, or look up what their rating is, because you may find out, you really don’t know Jack!

    • Liza
      Liza says:

      Jason, you’re on target!! Not to mention, if it’s so great, why is it that it has to be mixed with milk, almond milk, to get a great taste out of it and not get the greatness from just adding water? In addition, as fitness, and nutrition researcher, this product’s main ingredient is SOY PROTEIN, which if you do the research you will find that soy protein is harmful for the body, specially for women who battle with hormon problems. NOT to mention, isoflavones which is found in soy products is know medically to harm the function of the thyroid gland making the individual gain weight. People truly go astray due to lact of nutritional knowledge.

    • Michelle
      Michelle says:

      Jason I agree with you 100% although the product may work, the sales individuals who you must associate with in order to get the product are annoying and all about their own profit. This may not be a typical pyramid scam but they will suck you in!

      • Ed
        Ed says:

        Not all of the promoters areannoying. I am not. I am here to help anyone. I do not push to join or to order products under me. If they want to fine, if not fine.

  2. Sean W
    Sean W says:

    Hey Justice,

    I just came upon your blog but I must say that you stated your point in a well thought out manner without getting into a pissing contest with someone who may not be well informed. It is seems like it so easy for people nowadays to call anything a scam without doing any proper research and that is the scam within itself. I bet if people started getting fined or sued for calling legitimate companies scams they would think twice before opening their mouths.

    Before anyone starts to dump all over me, no I am not a rep with the company. Hell I am not even with any company in the industry at the moment, but the point is people really need to do their research because as you stated there are a lot of great companies out there. Just because a product is not sitting on the shelf of Walmart and Target does not take away from the quality of a product. Who cares where the product is being sold as long as it is doing what it says it is suppose to do.

    Sean W

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Thanks for the comment, I completely agree with you. We live in a highly skeptical society. I welcome everyones opinion, it really doesn’t bother me when people pass judgement on the industry or a company. The more unfortunate occurance is when people pass judgement on other people for taking steps to better their lives. This is the biggest hurdle for new teamates in my business and a major focus when I coach. This industry makes people uncomfortable because it challenges the traditional plan. The truth is, anyone can make money in this industry online or off. They just have to want it bad enough, and do the work. The fact that this is a platform that can change lives, makes those that don’t think they can change their life, highly uncomfortable and judgemental.

  3. Darin
    Darin says:

    I dont know anything about this product. I googled it to find out what it was because a friend was promoting it on facebook. What I do know is that everyone and their brother is trying to make money fast and with as little effort as possible. I have been in sales for years and heard many people talk about being in sales as a default career. Its not that easy and people have no idea how much time and work it takes to be successful in sales. If they fail…which most do than god forbid it had to be somthing other than themselves…scam could be one of these things. My point is, this is about spending TIME creating a business! If you dont have TIME and a PLAN than of couse you will fail. Every sales job I have had has the same basics….you have a pipeline of warm leads…friends family etc. You find several if not 20 to 100 OTHER differnent ways to reach the PEOPLE….you may get one from each way and you may get 100 but you have so many ways you pipeline makes a filter and thus creates BUSINESS…the more business you have the more the company makes and the more they pay YOU…..surprise surprise…… Same basics….for some of us called business 101. Its usually called a scam when someone doesnt have TIME or isn’t being paid crazy money for the limited time they put in….so they quit! END OF STORY!

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Thx for the comment Darin. I appreciate the comparison to traditional business. The basics apply. What I like so much about network marketing is it’s a completely level playing field. Produce the most get paid the most, no boss pulling strings, no office politics. Everyone works with exactly the same compensation structure, work the hardest, produce the most, get rewarded. Don’t do the work, or quit…no reward. Quite simple.

  4. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I have been on Body By Vi for the past month and let me tell you it is def not a scam. I have been training and working out for the past 2 years and have NEVER felt this healthy. U was on diet pills and different energy drinks just to get through my rigorous workouts. I have 2 shakes a day and I add my protein powder to build lean muscle as well as banana and other fruits just depending on what kind of mood I am in. I am 113 LBS. with 17 percent body fat. I have never felt better or healthier. I am also completely off of diet pills and energy enhancers. Body by Vi has changed my life. Not to mention I am saving TONS of money not having to buy so much food every week but I am still getting all the nutrients and protein my body needs if not more.

    • Sylvia Gibson
      Sylvia Gibson says:

      Not having to buy so much “food” every week? – just listen to that and say it to yourself – do you really believe our bodies were not meant for real food on a regular basis? I don’t say this to criticize – its genuinely concerning to me that this thought process is very prevalent. I’m sure the local grocery stores and food producers must love this new way of eating – what would we do without real food?

      • T. Minter
        T. Minter says:


        If you were reading the previous posts you would notice that you add certain fruits, or peanut butter, or any variety of fresh foods to your shake which means that instead of processed foods you add fresh produce to the shake to a desired taste. There are recipes and unless you have done some serious body building then you wouldn’t know that protien shakes are a staple for those individuals. Google the Vi recipes to see what I am refering to.

        • Lisa
          Lisa says:

          Ok… and I am willing to bank on most of these heavily overweight people aren’t eating healthy to begin with. You put 2 scoops of this into silk?? and then add fresh fruit…well can’t you just blend the fruit and the milk and ice and eat some lean protein? I am confused about this. It’s seems a scam to me… it’s like the new herbalife.

  5. Sylvia Gibson
    Sylvia Gibson says:

    Hi there, I have done the research on the product. I don’t like how the focus is about making money. I don’t doubt for a minute that the selling of this product is legit. I am concerned about how the product is portrayed as a miracle shake. It preys on peoples deep desires to lose weight. They have a very slick marketing scheme. I have no doubt that you’d lose weight – why are you losing it though – is it in a healthy way? Are you losing muscle or fat? Are you setting yourself up for the yo-yo dieting problems? Is it a 90 day challenge to get you on the right track or 90 days to hook you in to a point that physically you can’t quit it without gaining the weight back because you have messed up your metabolism for real food? I am all for people getting healthy and starting over, but I challenge anyone out there to make a shake out of real food and see if you dont come up with the same results. Shouldn’t be hard to do cause the company encourages you to add fruit, milk, etc (I think its because the shake is lacking) – just eliminate the two scoops of powder. This shake is no better than some others out there. It scares me that I have heard salespeople say they can cure illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, and I’ve seen a commercial use a little girl to tell the world that you can sit on the couch and still lose weight. What is tried, tested and true is real food, real exercise. Do the research: are the vitamins synthetic or from natural sources? How good is the soy protein product in this shake for you? Ask your Dr. if it is good to not feel hungry for long periods of time. What does that do to your sugar balance? Are 90 calories enough to sustain you for that period of time without forcing your body to use your own muscles as a source of energy? Do not let a company salesman educate you on your health – most have no knowledge of proper nutrition – they gain their knowledge from a sales team whos ultimate goal is money in their pocket. No doubt if your diet was poor before starting this shake, you will feel better at first, but please do not let that cloud your judgement. Don’t get caught in the hype – deep down you must know better. Everyone knows if its too good to be true……..

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Sylvia, I agree with you on some of your points. I am no nutritionist, so it would be irresponsible for me to comment on the nutritional value of the product, or its health benefits. I do agree people should certainly not rely on company reps to educate them on their health. Every person should do proper research and consult a physician before they drastically change their diet, Unfortunately when you have “independant” reps. Facts can end up being miscontrued, false claims can be made. In my mind as long as Visalus, takes the right measures to educate their reps, and is ready and willing to dismiss reps who make dangerously false claims about the product then they have done their part. As for the focus being all about money, I don’t think thats fair to the company. We exchange money for goods and services. There is nothing wrong with that. Marketing is about driving sales, so marketing efforts will shine light on the positives of a product. From there a consumer should do research and decide if they want to purchase. Happy customers means good business. Nothing slick there in my mind, but thats just one man’s opinion. Thanks again for the comment .

    • Tanyawest
      Tanyawest says:

      I’ve been on this product for 4 months and I can honestly say.. Every question and statement you have said truly means you have not done any research or have been reading/hearing false research! No one claims this is a miracle shake. Also I understand the thoughts of people that know how to live a healthy lifestyle, but you cannot bash the people that have not had that guidance! Visalus is teaching these people how to start . And help you along the way. If you talk to anyone that has been on the challenge they will tell you that you don’t gain the weight back, if you choose to still eat healthy!! Like I said it’s not a miracle, you can’t just go back to eating fast food everyday and think you’ll maintain what you did for yourself. Visalus is selling a health challenge, a program to teach you, not a miracle.
      And if you haven’t watched the challenge party video , I highly recommend it. When you say about making a shake without the powder, your missing the point! There is over 100$ worthof food in a shake that equals over 10,000 calories. Tell me if you could eat 30apples a dozen eggs etc etc the list goes on and on for breakfast?! And AFFORD that everyday. What this company has done is made it simple for people who cannot afford to eat highly expensive good foods and don’t know where to start to make healthy choices.
      And yes this world has been taught that of something is too good to be true, then it is. But the highest form of ignorance is putting down something you know nothing about.

    • Vincent
      Vincent says:

      Sylvia, I completely agree with you. If we are going to promote a healthy lifestyle health trends like these do not work. The problem is the focus deters to making money and not living a healthy lifestyle. All these programs build on a placebo effect and get everyone jazzed up about losing weight. They work no doubt about that, but the majority will reach a plateu and or go right back to poor eating habits. We were made to eat not to rely on a meal replacement shake. We naturally burn off energy as we eat taking time to chew are meal slowly so that our digestive system can process the food a lot faster. In America we do not do that. American’s are fast paced and want to eat quickly and right away so that they can go to the next event or back to work. The mindset has to be changed and you can teach, train and build a person’s self esteem by showing them how to live healthy instead of showcasing an easy fix, like a super supplemented meal replacement shake. Laziness is what needs to changed not make a shake real quick and be on your way. Take the time to get off your ass and make a healthy meal, plan your meals, make goals, daily consistency and more are all keys to real health success. I can go on and on about this but I will keep it somewhat short. All in all, this is a product to make
      money plan and simple with an added promotion of a healthy meal replacement supplement that “could,” change your life. I say “could,” because their is no evidence relating to how many people actually had timely success. There are many success stories but did these people continue their success and are they still living a healthy lifestyle?

  6. Sylvia Gibson
    Sylvia Gibson says:

    Fair enough. Thank you for your reply. I have perhaps have had the misfortune of being introduced to BodyByVi by someone who’s integrity and knowledge is lacking. My fears lie with people who are willing to put their health in the hands of salespeople. I have been approached many times by different people asking me to sell the product, people I know who’s main motive was for me to be a part of their networking- not because they wanted to share the product.

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Sylvia, money aside, this industry has done a lot for me, so there is no doubt that I am partial to it, and don’t believe it is all about money. That said I’ve heard it said that a few bad network marketers ruin the reputation of all of us.It’s too bad that this has been your experience. As for peoples’ health decisions…..unfortunatley peoples’ health would still be in the hands of salespeople if the network marketing industry diappeared. Regardless of who is recommending something, I strongly agree that people should do their own research before they put in their body. Thx again for the comment

  7. Jonesy711
    Jonesy711 says:

    Hi all. I’m not going to dig into any kind of debate. I just wanted to share that I have lost 40lbs with the Body by Vi challenge! I have more energy and am down to a weight that makes me confident that I can finish this 1st challenge with flying colors. I have no medical training and have shown the ingredients to multiple doctors and nurses- some even joined my challenge! I only had to pay for my first 2 kits because it is easy to earn free kits. I have saved tons of money on groceries and am a new promoter! I should have became a promoter sooner- the incentives are amazing! There are tons of stories I could share both personal, of my friends and family who are enjoying the product and having great results. We never are bored with the recipe options because it really is the “mix that tastes like cake mix!” If you have tried the mix and did not enjoy it- try more recipes! I have a few shake recipes (speaking of- I want my mocha ViShake) that I am in love with.

    So from my experience- not a scam. I’m not a sales person. I’ve never even worked in sales before but this is too good to keep to myself! In fact, I was a US Marine. I am disabled now and going to school in hopes to attend law school in the fall of 2013! But I reached a very unhealthy weight of 205lbs after my son! Since I am only 5’6″, that meant I hit the obese zone. UNACCEPTABLE! I’ve lost 40lbs, saved money on groceries, made extra cash, and am LOVING seeing all my friends and family meet their weight goals! Love it.

    Best of luck to anyone still trying to find the right fit on their weight loss journey!

  8. josh
    josh says:

    It seems to me “body by vi” is like god…

    “God helped me quit drinking/smoking. He gave me another opportunity! etc…” Fact: “he” didnt. YOU did it. Seems to me this product is no different. It’s not this product that makes you lose weight, it’s the person! If I said video games helped me lose weight, you’d think I was even more of an idiot than you first thought! But after I play 30 minutes of tetris, I hit the treadmill for an hour, eat no junk food and stuff myself full of fresh veggies! I guess the end justifies the means.

    Perspective is one thing we seem to all have lost…

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Thanks for stoppng by and commenting. There is no doubt that change ultimately comes from within. I don’t however believe that nutritional products can’t be entirely dismissed. They are certainly not the only way to lose weight and probably not the best, but if thats the route people choose I don’t know that its our place to judge. To me the most important thing is that someone is making positive change in their life, not that they are making positive change the way I think they should. That my friend is perspective.

  9. jami
    jami says:

    The info is misleading. All info of how many calories carbs etc are only if you eat dry powder. Also it contains artificial sweetners. They don’t list the ingredients. Anywhere.

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      I don’t personally use the Visalus prodcut, so I can’t simply check the packaging. I am confident however that the ingredients can be found by anyone who does their research. I’m quite sure it’s required. As mentioned on this thread, everyone should do their research before they start using any nutritional product. Thanks for commenting.

    • cc
      cc says:

      Here is a list of ingredients from one of the cans. Most people have no clue what any of it means.

      On this website you can read how BAD body by Vi really is for you.

      Also, people are not aware that most research is paid for by the company, which results in a biased analysis. Additionally, it is important to understand what is actually happening to your body.

      Your money is better spent on some beach body videos, and 3 ingredient foods, the problem lies in people want to get thin sitting on the couch.

  10. Josh
    Josh says:

    How do I know that this whole website isn’t setup to make it not look like a scam? Just kidding, who has that much time on their hands? Thanks for the informative page! I’m looking to start the program very soon! Have a great day!


  11. Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight says:


    I really like your attitude here. Kudos. I saw Hulk Hogan promoting the product. Later that day I asked my cousin about it, who owns a gym. He had a sample pack at his place and gave it to me with a week’s supply free. A regional rep tried selling him on being a ‘promoter’ through the gym and using his members. My cousin did his research, and after making MILLIONS in the cell-phone industry, he saw no need to get into the Vi business, (he told the guy, “I really have no need to make any more money.”) but he believed in the nutritional value of the shakes enough to offer the product.
    At 315 pounds he saw I needed a change in my life. After just the week of being on the sample product I was down to 307. Plus at 37 years old, I had the energy of a 30 year old. My mood was uplifted as well. My cousin thought this might be a great opportunity for me and he bought the 249. – transformation kit for me. Being unemployed for 6 years he also paid the money for me to receive the promoter materials. If I used it ok, if not no big deal. After watching the materials and doing my research I don’t exactly care for their business model, but it’s worked for some people.
    I mainly worked in marketing and promotions in the entertainment industry and this isn’t my style. I’m not going to call my friends, whom I’ve earned respect and trust from, and try to quick sell the product, or entice into buying into the business. I told the rep, “Listen at the end of 30 days, or at the end of my 90 day challenge they will see the results. Maybe I’ll have a challenge party and say, ‘look, If I can do this….’ The rep didn’t like that at all. Or the facts that I will not get in touch with him or provide him with any contact information. He was pushy, and I can smell everything else he was. If you have a laid back approach, your friends will come to you when they’re ready to make a change. There’s also a huge misconception that this is only for those looking to lose weight. It’s for marathon runners, athletes, fat people, and hardcore gym freaks.
    As for the business side, if you have the capital, the audacity, and the willingness? Yeah, you can get whole companies and their employees into it. People will never know the difference between a Ponzi scam, a Pyramid scheme, or a MLM until they do their homework. Bernie Madoff is not trying to get you healthy I assure you of that! lol I like what you called it though ‘Network Marketing.’

    Sorry to write so much I did it for all the people that will seek out this information and a different perspective on both.

    All The Best

    Kevin Knight

    The shakes work, the business model can get you your product for free in the least, or you can put some serious work into it and make some money. It’s all about people not being comfortable with things their not ready to change or accept. They say if it’s too good to be true it usually is. Well this isn’t too good. Alot of work has to put in routine, mind, focus, and determination.
    All the shake boils down to is calorie restriction, getting people on a schedule, and the fact that the nutients in one shake Id say most people don’t ingest in at least a three week period.

    • Emily
      Emily says:

      Kevin, thanks for this post. It seems like you have a lot of information to offer, both personal experience and from the business aspect. I myself use the shakes, between 1 and 2 a day depending. I love the energy and confidence that I have. My biggest thing, is that I eat healthier in general now. I have my shake in the morning, and a piece of fruit or yogurt around 10. If I have a shake for lunch, I have it with nuts or fruit, and a snack about 3 or 4. I do realize I’m hungry a few hours after my shake, but it’s easily satisfied with something small. And I’m more careful with what I eat when I don’t have a shake- and this means smaller portions as well. And with the added energy- I’m working out more. I don’t view it as a nutritional plan, but a supplement. I drink mine with milk, and often add fruit. Nothing is being cut from my diet, (except pop) only adding this shake. I’ve been on it for about 3 weeks, and I am down 4 lbs. Not a lot, but it’s a start that I am proud of!

  12. Josh C.
    Josh C. says:

    Not really understanding the whole God argument at all. The whole point of the program is to replace meals with the shake. For myself, I am a father of 5 and I work full time. I am a coffee drinker and a smoker. This used to equal no food until late afternoon as coffee and smoking inhibits your appetite. Now when I wake up I have a shake and then I have a shake at lunch. This gives my body the proper nutrients it needs to even start functioning on a digestive and metabolic level. It gives me more nutrients than eating breakfast or lunch would give me because no matter what I choose to eat for either, it won’t have ALL the nutrients that the shake has. This alone helps my body burn off calories and provides me with the energy I need to work 8 hours and then come home and take care of 5 kids. So to get back to my first sentence… the only WILL I need is to make sure I have my shake when I wake up. You rarely get food cravings between meals and if you do you can eat a snack and still be on target for your calorie intake.

  13. Steph
    Steph says:

    I was very skepital about doing Body by Vi (Not promoting it BUT using it). I think one thing that people need to take into consideration is that before you do ANYTHING in the way of losing weight, you should IN FACT consult your heath care provider. My husband was dx with a disease that kept him in the hospital for weeks this past year and resulted in him losing close to 100lbs (He weighed 220 in the beginning). We actually had a nutrionist on our side, we looked into different things for him to eat/drink that would help him gain weight/strength back. He tried Balance and Ensure however he had a hard time due to the “Chalkiness” of those drinks. We finally looked into Body By Vi (A friend was promoting it). We FIRST consulted the nutrionist and his regular doctor and they BOTH felt it was worth a shot. He LOVED the taste (We added fruit, Peanut butter and honey to shakes) and he gained 50lbs (More muscular of course).
    He is on the balance kit while I am on the Shape kit.
    Most of the food people put in their mouths is NOT good for them. Think about it, what is more healthy for your body??? A Ham biscuit (which I had almost every morning) OR Body by VI (Mixed with skim milk or almond milk, frozen fruit, and honey). And for lunch, being a working mom, I would ALWAYS go out and get fastfood of some sort but now it is the smoothie. Inbetween meals you are ENCOURAGED to snack on HEALTHY foods (Veggies, hummus, fruit, nuts of some sort, popcorn etc…) and for dinner you are ENCOURAGED to eat a regular meal.

    I can understand the skeptisim on the “financial” part however the “Nutrional” value of it has NEVER bothered me. But at the same time I put my trust in a nutrionist.

    If people want to question/argue the safety of a diet they should consider putting all that energy towards the FAST FOOD community that is making over half of the population in the US INCLUDING our children morbidly OBESE! I’m sorry I would never apologize for a product that has lowered my cholesterol or BP to a much healthier level. And for the ones that are a “healthy” weight but still eat all of the fast food, trust me, you are not safe of harm that it could cause your health.

    We now live by the sign that was in my husbands nutrionists office…

  14. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    This is a great non baisis article. I have friends that recently purchased a gym and one of the became sick and sought out treatment and gained wieght. He then started using this product and it has helped him lose the wieght gain. He was telling me about the product not trying to sell it to me but informing me what it did for him. He gave me some samples and the information leaflets. Of course I did plenty of my own research. In my line of work I wake up at 3am and will go till noon or so before I am able to take a lunch. I eat a sensible breakfast (oatmeal or cereal) and added a shake around 7 or so. I just add it to water and works great as a snack and is hydrating as my work is labor intensive. The shake satisfies me enough so my body is not storing fat because I am starving myself. I noticed right away if I starved myself because I was unable to eat till noon or so I wasn’t even hungry or I was starving and would over eat. But with drinking the shake it kept my metabolism up and I was hungry but not starving by the time I was able to eat. I don’t like energy drinks but I can say this shake is nothing like those. It has natural ingredients and vitiamns that your body needs and it’s not 2-3x’s what your body needs as in energy drinks to make you feel better. A shake only has 30% of your need vitiamns and such. So for someone like me who maybe be missing valuable vitiamns this shake helps balance my diet. If you read the the brochures it really doesn’t claim to be a miracle. It actually states to “eat sensible meals”. I don’t believe there are many programs out there that actually state that. Most have diet and food plans like wieght watchers that can deprive your body if you don’t understand you intake vs. what your body needs to function for your activities. Hence someone who works at a desk vs. a construction worker should not be eating the same. All in all of you don’t want to be part of the sales end like me you don’t have to be. I just buy it and inform people that ask me about it and if they buy it I give them the info. I have helped many people I work with who would work 10 hrs straight with out eating and would feel horrible now adding a shake they are feeling lots better and even losing wieght and living a healthier life as am I.

  15. Jordan H
    Jordan H says:

    Thanks so much for all the comments. I was checking this out because a friend is promoting it. I myself have never tried it but I will now. And Justice what is your take on Herbalife?

  16. Believer
    Believer says:

    I tried Body by Vi after seeing the results my friend was getting with the product. I now know several people who have had great success with this product. I had to make a lifestyle change due to health reasons, and this product was almost made to measure. I actually look forward to the shakes, and have never had as much success with a weight loss product as I have had with this one. I was the typical meal skipper, have an extra coffee and a chocolate bar and carry on. Basically feeding myself garbage. I have energy, something I have been lacking for a long time. If people want to buy at chain stores, and get a product that may be questionable and lacking in ingredients, go ahead. If you don’t like the marketing plan, don’t join. Most people tend to forget that weight loss is not only about shakes, or weight watcher’s meal plans or diet pills, it is about a lifestyle change, and if you aren’t willing to go the distance and make that complete change, no product is going to get you what you want. I have not only achieved the desired weight loss, I feel better about myself and how I look, the “spare tire” around the middle is disappearing, and I generally feel good, emotionally and physically. I can’t say enough good about this product. Definitely was a life changer for me.

  17. Devon
    Devon says:

    Body by Vi shake vs Shakeology?

    Id think that if someone was going to spend real money on a “protein shake” they should go with Shakeology. No, I am not a beachbody coach. 🙂

  18. Christian
    Christian says:

    I actually just started selling it. I’m currently using it myself also. I have always pushed whole foods and I will tell you also I heard the reviews about cheaper. Cheaper is exactly that sometimes many don’t realize you get what you put in. Vi Shake 1garm of fat 90 calories less than a gram of sugar to proteins whey and soy 12 grams of protein. Just those numbers alone beat most products out and if you compare price visalus is great.
    I still believe whole foods are the way to go the only reason I don’t eat like that myself is time constraints I don’t have the time to prepare and use to miss meals because of this which is a big no. Is this product for everyone no luckily I have enough knowledge I can screen my people I see how they are eating, lifestyle,cost savings and the big one do they have the dedication to follow a program through to get the results. Will you get results yes its in the numbers can you do this without vi yes do you have the dedication and the time to is the question.

  19. Andy
    Andy says:

    I have to admit, the way everything is set up it totally looks like a pyramid scheme. I mean come on, you get a BMW and money and blah blah blah. I have a buddy who’s pretty passionate about selling the product and I told him straight up that I thought it was a load, but I trust him and blindly went and purchased a months supply because of the money back guarantee. And this garbage product…. Is totally the real deal. I can only speak for myself, but I’m an extremely active person looking to drop some weight which has been difficult for me and looking at the products nutritional facts I was skeptical that a shake with less than 200 calories would sustain me, let alone fuel me for my grueling work outs. So I got the shake, the first few days were agonizing!!! I was completely starving to the point where I was gorging in the evening! After three days this subsided and the product really started to kick in. It was like everything my body needed was in this shake, I was not hungry and I had energy all day. Not that “I’m gonna punch everyone in the face” kind of energy, just felt like I was getting dragged out. Well after about 5 weeks I went from 265 to under 250 and I was performing extremely well in the gym. I’m under 240 now but I just got back from a trip to Jamaica so I had a little set back but look forward to using this product to get to my dream weight. I personally will never sell the product, because I don’t have the time, but I whole heartily KNOW that this works. Get the fit kit, those little juice crystal packs can really get you going and the cookies taste like protein powder but definitely do the trick. Try it for yourself if you want…. or don’t…. I know it won’t stop me from taking it and telling everyone how it’s been a dream product for me.


  20. Andy
    Andy says:

    Forgot to mention how much money you save in the long run. $80 to cover breakfast and lunch?? Not only is it inexpensive but I love how quick it is to prepare and go.

  21. kolten
    kolten says:

    Aloha Justice, I am a independent business owner with Amway. I find it hard to make money from it, a co worker of mine told me about body by vi. I’m. Going to a challenge to check it out but I was wondering if you could tell me if this Visalus is easier or just as hard as Amway. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo.

  22. AP
    AP says:

    I am not interested in losing more than about ten pounds, and I’m not interested in building a business or getting my product for free. I am interested,however, in what other benefits these products can have for me. Can you point me to any information along those lines?

    Is it a good fiber supplement? Is it a good vitamin supplement? Why?

    Thanks very much,

  23. angie
    angie says:

    I tried the body by vi. I don’t like it much except the cookies. The shakes give me bad gas. seriously. I feel so hungry still after drinking the shakes… it did nothing for me except just the gas effect but a good taste. lol. I believe it’s garbage.

  24. ge
    ge says:

    How is this different from Evolv life, Agel, Melelucca, Amyway and the many network marketing companies out there?

  25. shadoe
    shadoe says:

    My brother needed to lose 30 lbs in 4 months in order to have a much needed surgery. He tried Body by Vi and not only lost the necessary 30 lbs but an additional 20 lbs. He had 2 shakes a day and then 1 sensible meal. He felt great, had the surgery and looks wonderful. Because of his success on this plan I am now going to try it. I also want to throw out there that my brother isn’t the ONLY success story I know of from this product. But, like everything else, there are going to be people that don’t like the taste, or will use the product and still over eat and not lose weight etc.

  26. GD
    GD says:

    It is NOT a pyramid scheme. It is “Multi-Level-Marketing”. Pyramids are illegal, MLM is not. Body by Vi, Amway and alike are legitimate MLM sales platforms. I can’t speak for the product itself as I haven’t tried it.

  27. Scott Pearce
    Scott Pearce says:

    I think the fraud claims come from the people you get to sell this stuff. As a police officer for 23 yrs i had to beat back your saleswomen in Sparks Nevada Sherrie Marlow. She called me at work 90 times, not only did this nearly become a harrassment case, i had to hold back my anger for this woman, who apparently is following your guidelines, so i have asked IC3 the FBI cyber crime unit to look in to your training of these sales people or lack there of for fraud tactics.

    This lady never stops, neither do i,.

  28. Connie Robinson
    Connie Robinson says:

    I will say up front I chose the shakes to loose weight, and get my health back. After a year of treatment for Multiple Myeloma with my husband the stress caused me to have several things wrong with me…Diabetes (my Dr checked my blood sugar due to a 30 lb weight gain in a very short period of time), Thyroid Disease, High Blood Pressure and Menopause. I was desperate to find something to address all issues. I lost 6 lbs in one week, but as noted a heavier person will loose more weight faster. Time will tell if the product addresses my health issues.

    I wanted to make a comment about Wal-Mart because I don’t think people should judge a product just because Wal-Mart stocks it on their shelves. (I am trying to watch my i before e spelling. I used to work for a grammar freak and it was really irritating, all the memo,s I received through him, written by others were highlighted and corrected). Back to Wal-Mart…. A friend who owns cattle had gone to sell his cows at the local stock yard. As he walked in he saw a bunch of cows who appeared to be sick and diseased being held in a pen. Thinking to himself he could not see anyone buying cows in such condition. After the sale, he noticed the pen was empty. He asked someone what had happened to those cows and was told that Wal-Mart buys all of the sick cattle! Needless to say, I refuse to buy any meat products they carry. Every thing we encounter in today’s world should be well researched (that’s how I landed on this site) because a lot of people put the dollar before the right thing to do, and after they get your money…your left with the consequences. As an example, how many of you see the commercials about drugs, given out by doctors, that are involved in Law Suits for the damage the drugs have done to people and the drug manufactuer have made millions?

    Thanks for the time you have put into supplying information that is usable.

  29. kati
    kati says:

    I just wanted to add, I myself have tried multiple products, especially the ones at Walmart, GNC, etc. I just started this Body by Vi, and have already been extremely impressed! I have energy, yes, and I am NOT starving! I have tried other programs that involved shakes and they are no where near as filling as this is. I am not promoting as of yet, I want to see where the first 90 days takes me first. I just wanted to chime in though, that I just started and feel better than I have in several years!

  30. Tjones
    Tjones says:

    I am an independent sales rep but not for body by vi…..i have not tried them but have researched some and heres my concern…..the artificial sweetner in them? Artificial sweetner is a huge toxin research it. Its very bad for you. Not looking to debate just a concern noone seems to address

  31. Tjones
    Tjones says:

    Also everything is not available at walmart or gnc! I look for all natural things they do not carry a wide variety of all natural anything! Read the back of anything there that says all natural i can almost guarantee something in it is not whether it be artificial sweetner or a chemicalor preservative of some sort!

  32. Jill
    Jill says:

    Not sure if this body by vi, is a scam or not but I won a free trial at a local trade show, I tried it and in the first two days I felt like my whole body got cleaned out. I am going to try and combine the shakes with more excercise. If it works I will pay for it. I think if body by vi is real, the should offer a 90 day free trial for everyone. I will post my results.

  33. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I really could care less about the business aspect or this. People want to make money, awesome. Body by Vi isn’t doing anything illegal in that aspect. But what concerns me is the genetically modified soybeans they use in the product … also the trans fat. And there are a number of other scary genetically modified ingredients on the label. You want to make money selling a product that really isn’t all that wonderful for you. Cool. But if you really want to lose weight. Eat whole foods that nourish your body. Whatever happened to vegetables and lean protein? Getting healthy sometimes isn’t easy. People need to stop looking for an easy way to “get thin” and put in the work, cut up some veggies, and go run a lap. Just sayin’.

  34. Tiffany M
    Tiffany M says:

    Ok, so here’s my thing, I’ve tried the shakes, they are great! They are fun to prepare and may seem expensive at the time of purchasing but if you calculate it it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying groceries every two weeks or so. Negative people on here that posts stupid crap are the ones that most likely have tried this shake a couple times and can’t seem to work out and maintain a healthy diet so therefore they give up and blame their problems on what they call a damn “scam” well guess what? no shake out there or anything is going to make you drop all your pounds just by buying, preparing and drinking it!!!!! You have to keep a healthy positive lifestyle duh!! So please stop trying to compare visalus with your cheap walmarts and target based stores. Im Signing up soon with this company and are thrilled to introduce this to all my family and friends!!!!

  35. irod
    irod says:

    Every doctor’s opinion that I’ve read on the shakes are that they are average at best and have some ingredients that are potentially harmful for your body. Why would anyone try to sell some mediocre supplements to the public?

  36. James
    James says:

    In all honesty this Body by Vi is as much of a scam as the Catholic church. Think about it, if you are obese you are insecure and would willingly throw hundreds of dollars to these vermon to be fit. But here is the big secret, You dont need to spend any more money than you already spend at the Local grocery store. HARD WORK is what they are really marketing to people, So pull your head out of your ass and save yourselves the money..

  37. James
    James says:

    its like saying you need to spend a thousand dollard to insure your family makes it into heaven. Greedy dogs, the only way this could be moral is if it was non profit. but instead they are driving around in BMW’s and I personally can tell you the Local Vi reps I went to high school with are the same dickheads that fat kids meant nothing to them. And I assure you they mean nothing to them now, its all about the dollar bill. THAT YOU COULD VERY WELL BE SAVING!

  38. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    I enjoyed your review, makes it known that this is network MARKETING and not a hobby. Reading the comments, it’s so sad that people are still talking about pyramids. These poor people just have no idea that they work a pyramid job everyday. But, you can’t live your life on what some believe.
    Once again, great review and thanks for the insight.

  39. Lars Umholm
    Lars Umholm says:

    Body by Vi is a joke.

    Overpriced mediocre meal-replacement shakes for weak, stupid, and/or lazy people.

    Yeah, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life living off meal-replacement shakes. Sure you are.

  40. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Im a low income mom of two kids. What I’d like to know is if anything cheaper compares? I have a hundred pounds to lose and eat healthy and work out every day. Want to give this a try now but don’t have the mOney for body by vi. Anyone who could help me here? Lol
    Thank so much

  41. Scott
    Scott says:

    OK, folks, enough already. I know absolutely NOTHING about this product. I have no idea whether it’s a great one, or horrible. Each person has to decide it the product, and what it has for ingredients, makes sense for them or not. But for those closed minded individuals who automatically discount what appears to be a potentially viable business opportunity, keep shopping at Wal-Mart, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe so corporate America conitinues to take all your money. God forbid, someone with some genuine entrepreneurship qualities is trying to do something your’re simply too lazy to do!!

  42. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I don’t know if this works or not. What frustrates me is that I have a relative who attributes all of her weight loss (40 lbs) to Body by Vi. She says 40 lbs in 4 months. Oddly enough she had lap band surgery approximately 5 months ago. What is the average AND healthy weight loss per month on this product. Did this give the surgery a kickstart? Would it be considered misrepresentation to only give Body by Vi the credit for this?

    • Jaclyn S
      Jaclyn S says:

      I’ve been doing the Body By Vi program for 5 weeks now, I’ve lost almost 9 lbs. I’m 26 years old, and I work out 5 times a week, burning over 1000 calories during each work out. I’m upset I’m not losing the weight quickly, but I’m happy that i’ve lost something and it’s an easy plan to stick to. I work full time, I’m a mother and I go to school part time as well. Being able to throw a shake together in 1-2 minutes is awesome for me, since I dont have that much time in a day available to myself. I’m sure everyone has different results, I’m not extremely happy wroth my results but in happy that I’m sticking to it for the 90 days without giving up.

  43. Reuben
    Reuben says:

    Leaving the merits of network marketing aside for the moment, let’s look at a potential problem with any weight loss program that seems to rely on shakes that tend to have a high fiber content. It’s going to accelerate. Your weight loss as the fiber does…..what fiber tends to do. I’d be concerned about the effects that can occur after the shakes are no longer used. I speak from sad experience on this one. Just be aware that, marketing plan aside, shakes are shakes,whether you get them from an MLM source, Costco, or a nutrition store. It’s behaviour modification not smooth shakes that will help you in the long run.

  44. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Do not expect this to work for 90 days then you can stop and keep the weight off. Like any thing, you have to stay healthy your whole life. With Body by Vi it is a added bonus that you can make money while staying healthy. Who the h3!! would not want to make money while staying healthy. Yeah you can go to GNC and get the supplements there to loose weight, but will GNC pay you for referring people once they see you loosing weight? It’s all up to you on how much money you want to make and staying healthy. The point of this program like any other is health. Making money is just the added bonus. Don’t think of this as a scam if your in it to make money but don’t. Think of it as a way to get healthy plus make some money while doing it. I think everyone can us the motivation when loosing weight. You pay a trainer at a gym to give you motivation, so why not get motivated by loosing weight and letting everyone see it for them selves. I know people that have the BMW and are on the program and they just buy the supplements. It’s all about health plus with the money you spend on the shakes it replaces the money you would spend at McDonald’s or where ever but cheaper. Do not form a opinion unleast you know some one that has tried it and have failed.

  45. Tom
    Tom says:

    “I had been a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers for more than 30 years and a Leader/Facilitator for them for 10 years, coaching 150 people a week to weight-loss success, when I discovered the Body by Vi™ Challenge.  Body by Vi™ is a very simple, yet highly effective and nutrtionally sound program for losing and/or maintaining weight as well developing lean muscle for any fitness strategy.  It is also a great complement to anyone who may choose to continue following the Weight Watchers program.”

    Dr. Michael Seidman (from the ViSalus Scientfic Advisory Board) consults with professional and everyday athletes and members of the NHL, NFL, NBA, Olympic athletes and more. His multiple credentials include:

    Medical Director Center for Integrative Medicine (prevention and wellness focus). Received numerous national awards including being honored as one of the top Doctors in the USA.

    Just say’in 🙂


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