Zija Scam? What Your Zija Up-Line Isn’t Telling You!

If you have arrived here it is likely you are trying to determine if there is a Zija scam going on, or if Zija is aZija Scam legitimate company.  If you are looking into joining Zija or buying their products you should be commended for doing your due diligence.   It’s important you do your homework if you are going to choose the right MLM company.  Before we go any further I’d like you to know I am in no way affiliated with Zija so my explanation of whether or not a Zija scam exists is entirely third party.  Ok let’s continue.   

How I Determined if There is a Zija Scam

Founded in 2004 by Ken Brailsford, Zija set out to help people live healthier lifestyles with a variety of nutritional products.  These products are created using a “miracle tree” called Moringa.  The Zija product line includes weight loss and skin care products along with liquid nutritionals and energy anancers.  What started as retail products shifted gears into the network marketing model in 2006.  This is likely where talks of a Zija scam began.  Network marketing is a misunderstood industry often labled a scam, so I often like to note a couple of things when a company is getting a bad rap.  When I want to determine if there is a Zija scam there is usually two main questions I ask.  One does the company have strong leadership and a stable history.  The answer to that question is yes.  Secondly does the product provide value independent of the network marketing opportunity?  The answer to question two is also yes.  So it’s clear to me that there is no Zija scam here.  That said there are many Zija reps that are not getting the whole story from their up line.

Where The Idea of a Zija Scam Comes From and What Zija Up Lines Don’t Always Tell Their Reps

Often people get involved with a company like Zija without a full understanding of the industry.  They like the product and get excited about achieving the massive income results that company leaders are achieving.  After relentlessly following the instruction of their upline like build your list, talk to your warm market, have home meetings etc. they achieve little or no results and frustration sets in.  Many quit, and blame the company.  Thus the Zija Scam is born.  Meanwhile it’s not really a Zija scam at all, just a bunch of frustrated former reps who did’t get the results they desired.  You see top earners in Zija and all companies for that matter try to keep things simple, duplicable.   And those traditional methods do work to some degree.  But if you take a look at the real earners in the industry they aren’t just using those company methods.  They are leveraging the internet to constantly expose new people to the business opportunity.  If you still think there is a Zija scam that’s your business, but I am telling you that the failure in Zija and in the whole MLM industry is due to people not having the right MLM system.  I would know because I struggled for months in MLM before I discovered this secret. 

 Watch the video below and I’ll show you exactly how the Zija scam was born and how to avoid falling into the same trap.



Zija Scam


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Zija scam

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  1. zija
    zija says:

    The key to be able to succeeding in Zija or other network marketing business for example. Depends on your capability to have new prospects daily to talk to who’re already extremely interested in your product and or home business opportunity.

    • Justice Eagan
      Justice Eagan says:

      Most that quit really don’t want it bad enough. I coach several Zija reps on how to implement a system and build online. They swear by the product. Those that are willing to learn and take action will succeed.


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