How to Get MLM Leads on Craigslist

3 Ways I get MLM leads on Craigslist

Everyone is always seeking more leads for their MLM business.  Let me restate that…..everyone is seeking more free leads for their MLM business.  Why did I rephrase my statement?  Well, because most people in MLM are struggling.  Heck, most people in the world are struggling.  So why not take struggling people and connect them with opportunity (both ways) via a free classifieds sight like craigslist.  I get MLM leads on craigslist daily and I am going to show you how.  If you want to get MLM leads on craigslist you have a series of ways to do it. 

Option 1: Get MLM Leads on craigslist that call you.

Option 1 is probably the easiest way to get MLM leads on craigslist, but these leads are often the least tget mlm leads on craigslistargeted for MLM.  You see craigslist doesn’t want you using their site to seek MLM leads.  So, your ads can’t state thing like home based business, or MLM.  So unfortunately if you want to get MLM leads on craigslist that call you will likely involve ads that make general desire driven statements like.  Product promoter wanted – Set your own schedule- generate X per week –work part time- no experience necessary.  Simply set up a google phone number and list in your craigslist ad.  And you will get MLM leads on craigslist calling you in no time.   

Note:  When you get MLM leads on craigslist to call you make the google message attractive.  Example: We are seeking driven, motivated, sales professionals.  Due to a high volume of calls, representatives are not available to speak with you at the present time.  Please leave a message with your best contact information and a brief statement detailing why we should make contacting you a priority.

Option Two: Launch your MLM lead on craigslist to a presentation.

This involves a little more technical know-how (which I will cover in the free training available below).  Basically, you create a clickable ad.  When your potential MLM lead on craigslist clicks the ad they are sent to a squeeze page that encourages them to input their information.  I use video on this squeeze page and let people know that I am promoting a home based business.  Upon opt in they are launched to an online company presentation.  This is a great approach to get MLM leads on craigslist for a couple of reasons.  One, people who choose to opt in for home based business information are more qualified leads.  Two, in addition to getting a phone number for the MLM lead on craigslist, I get their email address and can continue building a relationship via email even if I am never able to reach them via telephone.  Three those that watch the entire presentation are now super qualified leads and very easy to follow up with.

Option Three:  Get the Opt In but do not launch your MLM lead on craigslist to a presentation

This is very similar to option 2 only there is one fundamental difference.  Instead of launching your MLM lead on craigslist to a presentation you simply launch them to a thank you page, and follow up with them.  Upon follow up with these MLM leads on craigslist you then set an appointment to show them the presentation.   There are a couple of benefits to this approach.  One you will get more return calls than in option number 2.  If people have opted in, they want more info.  If the MLM lead on craigslist has not seen a presentation yet you will experience a higher rate of return phone calls.  Two, you get a chance to form a connection with the MLM lead on craigslist.  You can determine their wants needs, and desires.  This will allow you to begin turning your cold market warm before they see a presentation.

 Start Now and Get MLM Leads on Craigslist

At the end of the day, you will be able to test these three options, and determine which you prefer.  But most important all three of these strategies will have you generating MLM leads on craigslist almost immediately.  These are all great approaches if you are new to MLM because they will get you honing your skills by talking to people. 

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  1. jack jenkins
    jack jenkins says:

    thanks for the tips, I have a question though. I just started with amway and had a few sites promoting the products and tried putting a link image on craigslist and got an email from amway’s corporate office telling me I can’t promote on craigslist or have any sites that aren’t authorized by them to promote my business. do you know of any ways around this, as this was going to be one of my main sources of leads and sales generation. I don’t want to get sued by amway and my upline get in trouble, which they are now mad at me for not letting them know what I was doing, which is ridiculous, Its my business I should run it the way I want to.


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