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If there is one thing that people struggle with, but is absolutely essential to their success, it is MLM prospecting. I know because this was a struggle of mine, and now that I have the luxury of talking to new people every day I have come to some realizations that can certainly help you improve your prospecting results. One thing I have come to realize is that MLM prospecting is not about online or offline….. warm market or cold market…… high ticket or low ticket. And it is definitely not about company, product, or comp plan. MLM prospecting is about people. Understand this and things will start getting a lot easier.

Why Do So Many People Struggle With MLM Prospecting?

This could be a lengthily topic for another day, but I want to sum it up as best I can. Most people are so desperate to geMLM prospecting trainingt going, want so badly to sign up their first person that their focus is on the wrong thing. They are acting for personal gain, whether it is the money of the sale or the accomplishment of the recruit their MLM prospecting efforts are being made with their own fulfillment in mind. Listen, this is natural and it doesn’t make you bad. Heck there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money, or feel a sense of accomplishment, but when it comes to MLM prospecting it doesn’t work. Remember what I said…..this is about people…..think them not you!

Discovering A Why For Your Prospect!

We have all heard about the big “why” right? When you get started in MLM you are asked to discover this why, write it down, embrace it, use it to fuel your fire. This “why” power is great for motivation, for keeping you going, getting you through the tough times, the no’s, the rejection. A “why” is a powerful thing. For the sake of MLM prospecting we need to focus on a different “why.” Why is your home business a fit for this person, why is your product right for them, why should they take a look. Most try and answer these questions for their prospect by telling them how great their company or comp plan is, how wonderful the product is, how great they (the prospect) would be at this, how much money they are going to make etc.. Great MLM prospecting starts not with telling someone why but with asking the right questions to help you determine why, what you have is a good fit for you prospect.

MLM Prospecting Is About Asking Questions

I heard a great analMLM propsecting trainingogy that really puts this in perspective. When you walk into a doctor’s office with an ailment does the doctor write you a prescription first? Of course not he has to diagnose the problem first. Does he just start rattling of a series of potential problems? No…..he starts asking questions. He identifies your problem, and then provides a solution. MLM prospecting is no different. Our goal is to identify the wants, needs, and desires of our prospect. This can only be done by asking questions. People want to be listened to and the best way to build rapport with you MLM prospect is to ask questions and listen.

When MLM Prospecting Ask For Permission

Once you know what your prospect’s wants, needs, and desires are it is easy to get them to commit to taking a look at your product or opportunity. Here’s an example. Your MLM prospect has told you that they are struggling financially because of a change on the job front, and all they want is to be able to keep their daughter in private school, but don’t know how they are going to do it. If you said “If I could share some information that may help you keep your daughter in private school would you be open to take a look?” How many people are going to say yes??? Almost all, because you have made it about them, because you have identified their problem and are offering a potential solution.

The Best MLM Prospecting Training Around

There is a lot of great MLM prospecting training in the market place, and if you are serious about succeeding in this business this is the first thing you should invest in. No matter how many leads you can generate, you can’t make money if you can’t prospect and close. I have taken the time to list some of what I think are the best MLM prospecting trainings on the market. These include some killer scripts, but at the end of the day it is going to be about genuinely connecting with people, and that will come with practice.

Ray Higdon’s Master Sponsoring Series
Black Belt Recruiting
• Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book

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P.S. If Your Upline Doesn’t Have a Step by Step Blueprint For Success Then Check This Out (Unless of Course You Already Have Too Many Leads) CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS  



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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi Justice!
    Great article. You really captured one of the big reasons why people struggle so much in our profession. That is, their focus is not on the right stuff!

    Love how you summed up the right way to do things! It’s a people business whether we pursue it in person or online.

    Look forward to more of your insights here.
    Take care and have a great weekend!


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